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PAR 30 Flat Lens 9-watt E27 Base Dimmable (Warm White)
PAR 30 Flat Lens 9-watt E27 Base Dimmable (Warm White)
Our price. $39.00
Orig. $69.00 You Save: $30.00
Accessory for Rigid Bars 180 Degree Rotating Brackets
Accessory for Rigid Bars 180 Degree Rotating Brackets
Our price. $2.95

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Welcome to Green Vision LED Inc.

Green Vision LED Inc. is a lighting and energy efficient solutions company that offers services to business, organizations and homeowners alike. Our certified sales team members will meet with you and assess your lighting and energy needs. Our emphasis is focused on an economic and ecological approach. We specialize in a cost reduction strategy that will result in immediate monthly savings on your energy bill,  at the same time helping you reduce your carbon footprint.

If you are a business owner or a member of an organization that has a growing concern for cost containment, or a homeowner that wants to reduce their monthly energy bill, then look no further than Green Vision LED Inc. Simply contact us for a free, no obligation appointment and we will show you just how much your savings can be. Unlike fluorescent tubes and compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFL’S),which contain mercury, our LED lighting system solid state lighting (SSL) are a clean, more efficient alternative. For instance, when a fluorescent tube or CFL is disposed of or if the tube or CFL is accidentally broken the clean up and/or disposal must be treated with caution.

What is LED?

This amazing new technology is actually not very new at all. Initially discovered at the turn of the 20th century, the first practical use of this semiconductor light source was developed in 1962. Over the years new innovation has spurred on the dramatic development of this super clean technology.

Today, the LED application to lighting has come of age. This form of lighting when compared to either incandescent or fluorescent lighting has many economic and ecological advantages. For instance, from an economic standpoint when comparing LED to incandescent lighting, a 60 watt light bulb can be changed to an LED light replacement that only consumes 6 watts. Also the estimated life of an incandescent light bulb is 1,000 to 2,000 hours compared to a 50,000 to 100,000 hour life of an LED bulb. Similar savings are to be found when comparing fluorescent light bulbs and tubes.

Metal Halide vs LED

LED Lighting Costs

When considering a new technology, cost is naturally the main topic of interest. Not only should one consider up-front costs, but also the accumulative operational costs associated with powering a lighting system. It is very important for business owners to understand that investing in LED lighting will result in immediate savings, and promotes significant savings over time. A specific metal halide bulb, commonly used in gas station canopy lighting, parking lots etc. dissipates 400 watts of total power per bulb. A custom LED product designed to substitute this metal halide, dissipates an amazing 60 watts of total power. Over an extended period, it is obvious how the 60 watt LED product will result in dramatic energy savings.

Metal Halide Operation

Metal halides contain a mixture of gasses within the bulb. As the device operates, the internal temperature and pressure begins to increase.


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